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I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest book.

It's available as an ebook on Kindle as well as paperback.


Famous...or not


So, imagine this:

You're sitting in your backyard, in middle-America, and you hear a noise. You look up. The Sexiest Man in the Universe hops over your privacy fence and runs across your yard. After a few seconds, about seven or eight paparazzi hop the fence and follow him. Now, that's something you just don't see everyday in Oklahoma.


As the commotion continues and dogs start barking, you can hear the chase going all through your neighbors yards. Finally, it quiets down again, and you look back at the magazine you were reading--the celebrity magazine showing the cover picture of the Sexiest Man in the Universe.


After a bit, you hear a noise, and Mr. Sexiest Man hops the fence-again! You realize he's probably only eluding paparazzi, but part of you hopes he came around to see you just one more time. You nod at the open door to the lawn mower shed. He ducks inside. The paparazzi hop the fence again, but you tell them their prey has eluded them. With disgust, they walk down your driveway and leave.


So, with wry amusement, you walk across your own backyard to your lawnmower shed, where the Sexiest Man in the Universe happens to be hiding.


Even if this was the movies, meet-cutes don't get any better than this.

99 cents on Amazon


Paperback for $9.99




Don't have a Kindle? No problem.

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They say that a man and a woman can never be "just friends". But after twenty years of friendship, Samantha Westman and Nate Harold have proved them wrong. Or have they?


Sam knows that Nate has always been there for her to lean on. She doesn't know any other woman who has  a man for a best friend, but Nate is always there. Her life is full. So what -if she's never met the perfect man? 


But Fate has something else in mind for Sam, as the rules of the game change, along with her feelings for Nate.


Cover art by Karen Ball.


Buy the paperback here.


Ebook on Kindle: 99 cents is here.

Connie Aberdeen moves back to Missouri to provide a safe place for her young niece Sarah to grow up. In the aftermath of tragedy, Connie will do anything to provide a good life for Sarah. But when Fate offers her a chance to sing on a famous Branson, Missouri show, Connie takes the job, even though it means daily contact with the man who broke her heart--her old love, Chance McAffey.




Cover art by Karen Ball.


Buy the paperback here.


Ebook on Kindle for 99 cents is here.

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